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"Clock Blockers": After narrowly escaping a forced marriage to Vartox, Power Girl and Harley Quinn have returned to get justice against Sportsmaster and the [[Clock King II (Prim

Quote1.png Well, if you ain't findin' my bodacious bongos distractin'-- I'm sure you'll be mesmerized by my resplendent rear end! Quote2.png
Power Girl

Harley Quinn (Volume 2) #13 is an issue of the series Harley Quinn (Volume 2) with a cover date of February, 2015. It was published on December 24, 2014.

Synopsis for "Clock Blockers"

After narrowly escaping a forced marriage to Vartox, Power Girl and Harley Quinn have returned to get justice against Sportsmaster and the Clock King. Sportsmaster attempts to retaliate with a short-range nuclear ballistic missile, requiring Power Girl to evacuate the mall, before catching it in mid-air and taking the brunt of the explosion.

From outside, Clock King realizes that Sportsmaster surely died in the explosion, and reluctantly turns back time to get him out of the blast alive.

In the meantime, Harley locates Power Girl in the rubble, and can't stop laughing at the ridiculous hair that the blast left her partner with. Annoyed, Powergirl flies Harley up into the atmosphere, and drops her, refusing to save her from splattering on the pavement until she admits that she was wrong to make fun.

At last, they return to Harley's building, where Big Tony reminds that Power Girl is set to perform as a strong woman in the show that night. The clothes they bought specifically for that purpose got destroyed, but Tony assures her they'll find her a costume that will fit over her generous bosom. He also takes the opportunity of her amnesia to plant the lie in her mind that the two of them used to be lovers. After she excuses herself for a shower, Tony turns to Harley and reminds that Power Girl will kill them when she gets her memories back.

When Power Girl emerges from the shower, she finds that Harley and Eggy have gathered a collection of vibrant costumes to wear, borrowed from Queenie. After selecting one, she heads downstairs to the theatre, where Tony announces her to an audience of hipsters, introducing her as Beatriz La Bomba - the Super-strong Monkey Woman. A little put out by that descriptor, Powergirl obediently flexes for the audience, and inadvertently unhinges one of the stage-lights, and it clunks down on her head. Fortunately, her memory remains suppressed, and she continues the show, impressing the audience. However, the audience begins to suspect that she is Power Girl, and so Tony unleashes squirrel monkeys on her to distract them. While Power Girl struggles with the animals, Harley witnesses a news report claiming that the Clock King and Sportsmaster have struck again, requiring her to interrupt Power Girl in the middle of spanking a monkey.

Back to her usual attire, Power Girl carries Harley to Central Park, where she must wait for her partner to return with the baddies. While she waits, she is approached by a mugger, who demands her cash. Annoyed, Harley comments that in her costume, she has nowhere to store any cash. He responds that she could use her bra, though he adds she doesn't seem to have big enough breasts to need one. She suggests he might instead be mesmerized by her butt, at which point Power Girl finds her displaying it prominently, with barely masked disappointment and disgust. After disposing of the mugger, she returns with Clock King and Sportsmaster, the latter of whom attacks her with an ice-blast that knocks her across the park. When she returns, she is surprised to find that Harley has shot the pair with the mugger's gun - maiming wounds only, she promises. As the police approach, Harley urges Power Girl to escape with her, because heroes don't hang around to deal with the fuzz.

On the way home, Power Girl admits that she finds the city beautiful at night, and Harley comments that she prefers the boroughs, explaining how she was born and raised in Canarsie, Brooklyn. Power Girl responds that she wishes she could remember her past and her origin story. She asks Harley to tell her the story.

Harley claims that Power Girl was born in Nebraska to two loving and beautiful parents who had super-powers they gained from a glowing meteor. Power Girl gained her powers from them. Power Girl wonders whether her parents are still alive, and Harley claims that she doesn't know because it could endanger people if she knew too much.

Unexpectedly, a bird poops on Power Girl's head, and instantly, her memory is returned. She gives Harley 30 seconds to assuage her anger, and Harley attempts to explain how they became real friends on their adventures together, apologizing profusely for lying to her. Sighing, Power Girl admits that she can't stay mad at Harley, but wonders what she should do with her. Harley suggests something inappropriate, and in response, Power Girl angrily ties her to the tip of the Eiffel Tower and abandons her there.

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