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"Harley Quinn Destroys DC Continuity": Harley Quinn and her mother Sharon walk arm-in-arm on Coney Island, reading Harley Quinn number 50. They admire the work of [[Meredith Clatterbuck (Prime Earth)|M.

Quote1.png Drop that comic! All of reality depends on it! No! It's too late! Congratulations, Harley QuinnYOU DESTROYED DC CONTINUITY! Quote2.png
Jonni DC

Harley Quinn (Volume 3) #50 is an issue of the series Harley Quinn (Volume 3) with a cover date of November, 2018. It was published on September 19, 2018.

Synopsis for "Harley Quinn Destroys DC Continuity"

Harley Quinn and her mother Sharon walk arm-in-arm on Coney Island, reading Harley Quinn number 50. They admire the work of M. Clatterbuck and read Harley's story up to the point where they are reading about themselves reading about themselves reading about themselves in an infinite regression which shatters DC Comics continuity, and Harley's mom is ... retconned from existence.

Jonni DC, Continuity Cop, demands that Harley put the comic down - but it's too late. Around them, new characters take shape - Samurai Batman, Vampire Captain Marvel and Major League Blue Beetle.

As continuity shifts, the universe changes under Harley and Jonni DC's feet - high school Harley, the Dread Pirate Bruce - and in Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love, the Harley-Fates tell Harley to get ahold of Harley Quinn number 50 and read Clatterbuck's work backwards to reverse the changes.

Harley chases the comic through Adam Strange's unfunny sitcom; the Jurassic League of dinosaurs; and The Creeper's terrible game show where Jonni DC intervenes before the Kent Family can win or lose Superman's Kryptonian Rocket, but as a result, Harley becomes the Reign of the Supermen before fînally reading the comic backwards — to no effect.

Lobo experiences the high cost of living. The Three Justice League-ateers battle Sir Clayface. Finally Jonni DC's Continuity Cop Captain sends them to Meredith Clatterbuck, who is a young woman lounging in the sun — not the evil force they expected, though Harley will "kick her ass" anyway.

Jonni realizes that Meredith's love for Harley is what has thrown everything into disarray, but is unable to act as the Justice League Multiverse swoops in, lead by Superman of Earth-22. He demands that Clatterbuck come with them, but Harley just wants her mom back - and Jonni DC calls on her "bestie" the Anti-Monitor, who eliminates the divergent universes and the heroes that come from them, until Harley Quinn is alone in black, blank space.

There's nothing — except Clatterbuck's pad and pencils — and Harley draws the world as she wants it. Bits of continuity float by, and Harley's mom returns. Jonni DC observes Meredith Clatterbuck, knowing that she should be banished, but knows that Meredith has learned to use her power wisely.

But outside, Captain Triumph falls from the sky...

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  • This story takes place as the rules of continuity break down, thus many appearances of existing characters are not canon.

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