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"Extrastellar Exploitations": Having previously convinced Power Girl that she is her side-kick, Harley Quinn and Power Girl find themselves teleported from Coney Island Beach and into another galaxy where they found and defeated the

Quote1 What kind of alien ass do I gotta kick?! Quote2
Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn and Power Girl #1 is an issue of the series Harley Quinn and Power Girl (Volume 1) with a cover date of August, 2015. It was published on June 17, 2015.

Synopsis for "Extrastellar Exploitations"

Having previously convinced Power Girl that she is her side-kick, Harley Quinn and Power Girl find themselves teleported from Coney Island Beach and into another galaxy where they found and defeated the tyrant Manos and then proceeded to be teleported to a second galaxy. Harley's stomach is upset by the journey and she throws up onto the local wildlife. The duo go in search of food and life and soon stumble across Sleezox, a self-admitted exile with a lecherous side. When the two heroes reject his advances he summons his pet Hydra, a multi-headed monster that Harley thinks is "cute" until one of the heads snatches up Power Girl in one gulp, now merely a small bulge sliding down its throat.

Although one of the heads initially swallows Power Girl in one gulp, Harley tells the Hydra to spit out her partner, until Kara immediately erupts her way out from the monster's throat, covered in bile, decapitating the head which landed on Sleezox. While Power Girl struggles to fight the Hydra, holding the creature's mouth open with all his might, Harley looks for bigger weapons. Harley returns with an impressive arsenal found at Sleezox's bunker and annihilates the Hydra. She then accidentally misfires, blasting Power Girl away and straight into the side of an oversized robot head. The head begins to scan the women and recognises Kara, the duo are admitted into the ship as it enables the "love nest protocol". The ship feels familiar to Kara but she can not place why, talking to the ship it reveals that the owner is Lord Vartox and the ship will take them to him.

Elsewhere, Vartox is imprisoned in a stasis field by the conqueror Oreth Odeox who holds the planet of Lustox captive. As the heroes fly over the planet they are shot out of the skies. After their crash landing Quinn bursts out of the ship looking for a fight but she encounters Mo'Zit Blaghed, the judicial magistrate of the area. He assesses Power Girl's costume and after berating the levels of cleavage he suspects her of prostitution but before he can sentence her, Harley shoots him in the head. Power Girl flips out and destroys the tiny raygun just as a group of local civilians walk over to praise her, the "original". Chief Science Cat Mellow recalls the contraceptive bomb that was dropped and how PG saved them from sterilisation.

The women decide they need to meet Vartox and Mellow directs them to Oreth Odeox's base but before they can leave an army of flying ships swarm around the heroes.

Appearing in "Extrastellar Exploitations"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Oreth Odeox (First appearance)
  • Sleezox
    • Hydra (Dies)

Other Characters:


  • La Galaxia del Sombrero
    • Hodad Moon
    • Lustox


  • Teleportation Ring (Mentioned only)
  • Infinity toe ring
  • Raygun


  • Vartox's Ship


  • This issue begins a saga that takes place between the panels 3 and 4 of page 20 of Harley Quinn (Volume 2) #12.
  • This series is also an indirect continuation of the story in Power Girl (Volume 2), the creators of which return for this mini-series.


  • Harley Quinn and Power Girl make reference to Star Trek, particularly the "Where no man has gone before" and Spock's "illogical" phrases.
  • As they journey through thr wildlife, Harley Quinn sings "Welcome to the Jungle"; whether or not it's the song performed by Guns N' Roses is unknown.
  • Sleezox appears to have been based loosely off Yoda from the Star Wars universe. Harley Quinn initially believed Sleezox to be a "Hob-bitz-ez" from Hobbit/Lord of the Rings series.
  • Power Girl's struggle with Sleezox's Hydra is reminiscent of Disney's Hercules, where the title character is swallowed whole by a Hydra before cutting his way out by decapitation.

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