Lady Harmony was from the planet Khera, where she was a part of one of the leading political/cultural groups known as The Coda as the planet's High Priestess.

Harmony was also one of the few fertile Kherubim, as was her daughter, Zannah, whom she picked to mate with Lord Majestros of the other leading faction of Khera, The Pantheon. From this union, she gave birth to a daughter named Kenesha. However, because Zannah desired to be a warrior rather then a priestess like other Kherubim mothers, Lady Harmony declared the child dead, took a lover, and claimed Kenesha as her own. This meant Kenesha was brought up as Zannah's sister and Majestros was told the child had died.[1] Because of that, Harmony became revered in Kherubim legend as one of the only females to rear two offspring despite that being a lie.

She was later seen fighting against a rogue Kherubim of the Shapers Guild named Javen and his army of Shapers who arrived on Earth. He wanted to use the Shaper and remake Earth into a new Khera and use Majestic's DNA to breed a new race of Kherubims. However, he found that Majestic's body was breaking down due to his dimension and time travel and attempted to take their child Savant as the next best thing.[2] Harmony and Zealot tried to save Savant, but Harmony was brutally killed by Javen during the rescue attempt.[3]



  • Master Martial Artist: With weapons that are older then some civilizations and a status that placed her as the head of an order of warrior women.
  • Weapons Master: Her skills with weapons mainly focus on the use of bladed weapons such as the Coda Clef blade and the katana blade; as well as the one and two handed sword.



  • She raised Savant on Khera as her daughter until it was later revealed she was actually her grandmother.



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