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Hotfoot was a speedster villain who was a member of the Crime Corps.

The villain known as Hotfoot gained his powers through some unknown means, but rather than remain tight-lipped, he went a different route - he gave everyone different explanations for his power of superspeed, ranging from bathing in electrified mercury to ingesting experimental high-energy foods. He used his powers to commit crimes and scams in the United States in the 1940s, before being captured by the United States government and drafted into serving his nation during World War II. Hotfoot and the other metahumans serving in the war were later captured by the Number of the Beast Program.

In the City, he joined the criminal alliance known as the Crime Corps... until the City was rocked by an event that appeared to be the End of Days. This led to a change of heart, and the villain defected to the side of justice, helping the Paladins to bring the situation under control.[1]

When The High, who was interred into the NOTB program started killing the people in the City to free them from their imprisonment Hotfoot was told to stop a Lieutenant Welles, who was sent by the United States government from killing everyone in the bunker in which Hotfoot successful did.[2] After finding their costumes Hotfoot, the Crime Corps and the Paladins get into a misunderstanding fight with The Authority. This fight ended when they were attacked by an army of clones of The High, known as "Reapers". After the Authority's Carrier was crashed into London Hotfoot and Honeybee were randomly teleported to Davenport, Iowa where they fought a Reaper. There Hotfoot vibrated through the super-dense clone at high speed, killing the clone and himself. Reflecting his hope that he had saved his soul, his final words (delivered to Honeybee) were "Later."[3]