Harold Perrineau (b. August 7, 1963) portrayed Manny on the series Constantine.

Pictured: Harold Perrineau as Manny from the Constantine episode "Non Est Asylum"

Work History

Acting Credits

Constantine 2014-2015 Manny
     "Non Est Asylum" October 24, 2014 Manny
     "The Devil's Vinyl" November 7, 2014 Manny
     "A Feast of Friends" November 14, 2014 Manny
     "Danse Vaudou" November 21, 2014 Manny
     "Rage of Caliban" November 28, 2014 Manny
     "Blessed Are the Damned" December 5, 2014 Manny
     "The Saint of Last Resorts" December 12, 2014 Manny
     "The Saint of Last Resorts: Part II" January 16, 2015 Manny
     "A Whole World Out There" January 30, 2015 Manny
     "Angels and Ministers of Grace" February 6, 2015 Manny
     "Waiting for the Man" February 13, 2015 Manny

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