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  • Herald's Horn: Veritas bestowed a horn onto Harold, imbuing Harold with power, visible though Herald's eyes glowing with blue energy.[1] Herald simply has to blow on the horn to use its power.

  • Despite the two characters having no identifiable connection at all, Harold's Herald uniform looks remarkably similar to the previous bearer of the "Herald" moniker.
    • In addition, the horn that this Herald uses looks similar to the horn that pre-Crisis Mal used while under the moniker of Hornblower. As Hornblower, Mal's horn could create miracles and alter reality in his favor. Harold's horn similarly alters reality.
      • In this respect, Harold Winer / Herald pays homage to two versions of Mal Duncan, who at the time Harold became Herald was going by the identity of Vox, despite the characters not having anything in-universe that connects them.



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