The Harper Family has two famous heroes: Guardian (Jim Harper) and Speedy (Roy Harper). Additionally, Jim Harper has been cloned multiple times.


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Roy Sr.
Roy, Jr.
Jade Nguyen


  • The history of the Harper family is riddled with errors, retcons, and logical inconsistencies.
    • The relationship between Guardian and Speedy was first established in Teen Titans #44, when Mal Duncan took a Guardian costume out of Speedy's locker. This was further elaborated upon in Superman Family #192-194, where Speedy and the clone of Jim Harper, the Golden Guardian, first met. Speedy's father was a brother of the original Jim. Later, as the years passed, a generation was added (for the first time in Who's Who in the DC Universe #3) making Roy Harper, Sr.'s father a brother of Jim.
    • In his first appearance, Speedy's father was not given a name.[1] In his second appearance he was called John, and had a wife named Anna.[2] It wasn't until his third appearance that he was called Roy Senior, and that name stuck.[3]
    • In the Golden Age, Jim Harper was a poor city kid, orphaned at an early age. This origin has been virtually unchanged since the Golden Age, and was acknowledged for the last time in Secret Origins (Volume 2) #19. Nonetheless, he has three siblings, of which at least one is younger.
    • Post-Crisis, the clone of Jim and Roy Harper first met in Superboy (Volume 4) #82. Here, it was revealed Roy's grandfather was born after the original Jim's death (ignoring the earlier established fact that he was an orphan who died when he was in his forties). In the first pre-Crisis meetup in Superman Family, the Jim clone had memories of Roy Sr. in adulthood.
    • The 1994 miniseries Guardians of Metropolis introduced Mary Harper, Jim's sister, and her granddaughter, Famous Bobby. She was apparently forgotten, as Jim later tells Roy and Lian they are his only relatives.[4]
    • In Arsenal #1, it was established that Roy Harper Jr. is a descendant of the immortal caveman Vandal Savage. However, it was not established if that was Roy's father's or mother's side of the family, so it is not known if the entire Harper family is descended from Savage.
  • In the alternate universe Earth-16, Roy is the great-grandson of the original Guardian, Jim Harper. Roy was cloned twice; Roy II and Jim. Jim, the second guardian, was implanted with memories that he was his namesake's grandson, and Roy's uncle.


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