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Harper Row is one of the Batgirls, a band of youngsters inspired by Batwoman.

Year One (1940)

Harper Row is a young mechanic who is also a huge fan of The Batwoman. After assisting her with an American traitor, Batwoman rewarded Harper with a signed picture and the remaining piece of her old bat. Thrilled, Harper rushed back to show them off to her colleagues, Kathy Duquesne and Nell Little. Knowing that Batwoman will leave America soon to assist in the war overseas, Harper suggests following in her legacy and the three of them form the Batgirls.

As they protect immigrant Jews Harper comes face to face with Officer Timothy Daniels, the crooked cop that separated Harper from her brother, Cullen. She explains to Kathy and Nell that Cullen was sent to an orphanage and she has been waiting until she turns sixteen in order to become his legal guardian. But with times changing, the Batgirls decided to break into the orphanage and break Harper's brother out. They are assisted by new recruits, Alysia Yeoh and Bette Kane. However, upon arriving in the middle of the night, they discover that the orphanage holds darker secrets than the public is aware of. The Batgirls help the orphans to escape captivity, Cullen and Timothy Drake among them, and expose the orphanage for the frauds that they really are.


  • Bat: As a member of the Batgirls, Harper Row uses a bat as a weapon.