Harriet was an orphan at St. Louise's Orphanage and trained by Granny Goodness, to serve in Darkseid's army.

In 2010, Harriet and the other girls captured Clark Kent, when he was uncovering the secrets of the orphanage. She left Clark to Granny Goodness, while she went to confront Tess Mercer and fought her. However, Tess managed to get the upper hand and knocked Harriet unconscious. Afterwards, Harriet was presumably handed over to the police, when Tess and Clark had the orphanage shut down.



  • Kryptonite Claws: On her right hand, Harriet wore a glove, that had claws attached to the fingers. The blades had been laced with green Kryptonite, allowing them to cut through Kryptonian flesh.



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