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Harriet Pratt is March Harriet, an enemy of Batman and Batgirl. She is often associated with Jervis Tetch A.K.A. Mad Hatter, who she is sometimes infatuated with.


Harriet Pratt was born and raised in East London where she met and fell in love with a woman named Lily Shaw. When they were adults Harriet and Lily moved to the United States, hoping to start a new life there. The couple would get by through stealing jewels and other valuable goods, this changed when the two were given jobs as escorts at a club owned by businessman William Warren. One night the couple went back stage where they discovered a new white noise machine created by Warren which would be able to control the minds of people. Harriet and Lily decided to steal the devices but were soon met by the arrival of a strange small man. This strange man was being chased by Warren's security. The man was able to escape but both girls were shot and left for dead by the security.[1]

Harriet was saved and nursed back to health by the small man who revealed himself to be Jervis Tetch- the enemy of Batman known as the Mad Hatter. He told her that Warren had stole the devices from him and so wanted revenge on the businessman just as Harriet did. A few days later Harriet took on the mantle of March Harriet, as part of Jervis' Wonderland themed gang, and attacked Warren's complex. Warren was on a business trip however so Jervis and Harriet killed his entire staff instead and began a criminal career together.[1]


  • Thievery: Before and after becoming the March Harriet, Harriet was a petty crook alongside her lover Lily Shaw.[1]


  • Electrified Ears: March Harriet wears large hare ears which can emit a powerful electric shock to nearby targets.[1]



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