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Quote1 We had out weekly battle scheduled for three o'clock sharp - and she blows me off to play games with those two morons? I'm getting really tired of the way she's been treating me lately! Quote2
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In the 31st Century, Harriet Shankar was, briefly, inspired by Harley Quinn.

For years Harriet and Tina Sung were best friends; dressing up as Harley Quinn and Batman respectively, battling and building secret hideouts together. One day Tina changes and decides that she wants to become a real Batman and hunt down the criminals until one day she encounters Bruce Wayne, a clone of the original Batman and her ancestor, and is swept into his life.

Harriet follows her best friend as she travels around Takron-Galatos until she encounters the Scullions who are planning to destroy the Justice League and gets in their way. Seeing her as an obstruction the androids snap her neck and continue their assault.[1]



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