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Quote1.png I freed the Anti-Monitor from his confinement only to become a pariah. Sentenced to bear witness to his actions. Quote2.png
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Harrison Nash Wells, formerly known as Pariah, was the last survivor of his world, doomed to see other worlds die at the hands of the Anti-Monitor.


Tricked by the Anti-Monitor, Nash opened his lair beneath Central City, allowing the very Crisis he wanted to prevent to start. As a reward, Nash was forced to watch every Earth die from anti-matter and then being teleported to the next doomed world.

Despite the Paragons and heroes managing to save Earth-1 at the cost of Earth-90's Flash, the Anti-Monitor created a new wave of anti-matter to wipe out the last universe. Nash used his powers to send the Paragons, only, to the Vanishing Point as it existed outside the multiverse.

When the multiverse was rebirthed, Nash ended up om Earth-Prime instead of his home world; his memory of Crisis removed. Treated at S.T.A.R. labs, Nash was greeted by a very angry J'onn J'onnz who shouted "YOU NEARLY DAMNED US ALL TO HELL", leaving him confused. J'onn restored his memories, making Nash remorseful. He, Ray and Ryan helped build a bomb that would shrink the Anti-Monitor for eternity.


Trapped on Earth-Prime, Nash tried to find a new purpose.

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  • Multiversial Connection: After the crisis, Nash ended up being the receptacle for the minds of every single Harrison Wells in the multiverse. He sees them, akin seeing an imaginary friend. This also unfortunately included Eobard Thawne briefly.
  • Dimensional Travel (Formerly): Nash was forced by the Anti-Monitor to watch every Earth die as a punishment for freeing him. He later used this power to send the Paragons to the Vanishing Point.