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Harrison Sherloque Wells was considered the multiverse's best detective.[1]

One of Sherloque's early cases involved the Mad Hatter, a notorious serial killer that killed his partner Watsune with the use of a memory machine.[2] Sherloque had been hired many times across the universe to help discern the identity of the meta-human hunter Cicada. This reputation led to his hiring by Team Flash on Earth-1 at the recommendation of Harrison Wolfgang Wells.

Sherloque Wells immediately proved his skills to the team by analyzing each of them, including Cisco Ramon's recent break-up with Gypsy and how Barry was Earth-1's Flash. Sherloque requested to be paid for his services, and, having been through the same case many times, immediately came to the conclusion that Cicada was a man named David Hersch. Due to XS changing the timeline by helping her father destroy the S.T.A.R. Labs satellite crashing to Earth[3], the identity changed from Hersch to somebody else. Though Team Flash was disappointed in Sherloque's performance, Sherloque agreed to stay with the team longer to help further with the case.[4]

While investigating Cicada, Sherloque also investigated XS on the side, using her journal which contained a secret language she developed herself. Sherloque had much difficulty cracking the language besides a single phrase, "the timeline is malleable".[5] At risk of her secrets being exposed, XS set-up a sequence of events to distract Sherloque from his investigation, causing him to meet Renee Adler, the doppelganger of Sherloque's ex-wives. Sherloque discovered Renee to be a meta-human, and moves away from the investigation into XS to protect Renee from Cicada.[1]

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  • Genius Level Intellect
    • Artistry: Sherloque Wells is a talented sketch artist being able to sketch a perfect likeness of a suspect in only a few seconds.
    • Computer Operation: Sherloque was able to set-up a program to help decipher XS' secret language.
    • Deception: Sherloque was able to fake his death twice to end two marriages (to the same woman), and had been through the same case so many times that he was able to fake an entire investigation for Team Flash to get an easy paycheck.[4]
    • Escapology: Sherloque was trained to be an escape artist by Thaddeus Brown.[6]
    • Multilingualism: Sherloque Wells can speak both English and French fluently.
    • Investigation: Sherloque Wells is considered by many to be the greatest detective in all the multiverse.

  • According to Sherloque Wells, he has been married seven times, twice to the same woman, and has been divorced five times.



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