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Wells the Grey is a famous wizard on Earth-13 and this reality's doppleganger of Harrison Wells.


Wells the Grey graduated at the Wizarding School of Business & Necromancy and became one of the most famous sorcercers on his Earth; he began to live in an enchanted cave.

At some point in time, he befriended the demon-elf Claus of the North. One day, the creature came to Wells' cave and asked the sorcerer to gift him his cave.[1]

In November 2017, he was accidentally summoned by the Council of Wells on Earth-1 but Harry Wells quickly sent him away.[2] Wells was not aware of this as he believed that the eruption of the Devil's Mountain had severed the connection.[1]

Some time later, he traveled again to Earth-1 where he managed to hack into Cisco's blog and post an magic-encrypted message. However, Cisco found him so Wells was forced to leave the universe in order to return to his home reality.[1]

Wells the Grey was erased after his reality was destroyed by an antimatter wave which was shot by the Anti-Monitor's antimatter cannon.[3]


After the rebirth of the Multiverse,[4] Wells the Grey was merged into Nash Wells' mind like his other dopplegangers.[5]




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