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Harrison "Harry" Wells was the Wells of Earth-2. A celebrated scientist and founder of S.T.A.R. Labs, Wells traveled to Earth-1, seeking Barry Allen's help to save his daughter Jesse, who was kidnapped by the meta-human speedster Zoom. Harry continued working with Team Flash as its main scientific mind to defeat Zoom, Savitar, and Clifford DeVoe.

When the Star Labs particle accelerator showered its city with exotic radiation, leading to the careers of multiple superhuman criminals, Wells rallied by creating a consumer device which alerted people to nearby metahumans. This led to a personal rift between Wells and the city's costumed protector, the Flash, which was exacerbated by the need for the two men to work together against the lead metahuman criminal, the nightmarish speedster known as Zoom.

In the wake of a race between Flash and Zoom that ended unclearly, Wells tried to go on. But when Zoom came back from seeming death, Wells was trapped in another world, where his counterpart was wanted for murder. Wells occupied himself hunting criminals from his world, eventually allying with the Flash of this world... though Zoom blackmailed him into betraying the Flash by threatening the life of Jesse.

Wells eventually came clean to the Flash, and helped the local heroes to rescue Jesse and defeat Zoom, preventing the destruction of Wells' Earth in the process. Parting as friends, Wells and Jesse went back to their Earth.

Subsequently, Jesse developed super-speed, and Wells brought them back to the other world to get answers. While there, Wells aided them to set up a method to find another version of him, to help them stabilize their group dynamic. This done, Wells took his answers and his adult daughter and went home.

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