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  • Psychometry: When he touches a personal object, Dharma can see all events that occur in its past and future. This ability extends as far as the entire Earth itself or something as small as a bead.
    • Future Sight: Not only can he see an object's future, he can see his own and his universe's future.
    • Past Sight: This power extends to the object's past as well. Hence, any place it has been or anything that has been done to it is clear to Dharma.
  • Power Absorption: When he focuses his psychometric on a certain person he can not only see their future and past but also understand and therefore manipulate their abilities.
    • Reality Alteration: He stole a Bang Babies' reality warping powers and was able to bend the realities of two specific universes and combine them entirely.
  • Energy Transference: After absorbing his sister Narnie Dharma obtained the ability to manipulate her energies.



  • Blindness: Dharma is completely blind, but compensates by using his powers to guide him.[1]
  • Blind Spot: Dharma has been able to see the beginning of the universe and all that goes on in the present. However, at a certain point in the future (its "end"), he sees only destruction of his universe. This blind spot prevents Dharma from seeing what role he will play or what outcome happens after the destruction.[2]



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