Harry Constantine was an ancestor of John Constantine from the 17th Century.

A soldier of Oliver Cromwell's army, Harry Constantine made himself notorious for his role in the massacre of Drogheda in 1649. Unlike his fellow soldiers who were driven to commit atrocities by religious zeal, Harry's motivation was grounded by pursuit for personal wealth. Harry's soldiering came to an end when he was confronted by the mysterious Ribbon Queen, who cursed him to eternal life and had him buried alive in a small graveyard south of Liverpool, and ensuring no one could find him and undo her magic.

For over three-hundred years, Harry remained trapped until he was unearthed by his teenage descendant, John Constantine. John only learned of Harry's existence from his interest in his family's involvement with the occult. The meeting between the Constantines did not went well, as John, after getting his answers from his ancestor, reburied him. Twenty years later, Harry was revisited by a more matured and less arrogant John, who had become worried that every Constantine would be doomed to becoming occultists and feared that it would happen to his niece Gemma Masters.

John dug up Harry fully free from his grave and they shared a grim conversation on how fate seems to trick all of the Constantines into being seduced and ruined by magic; in which Harry believed that all they can do is to struggle against it. After offering forgiveness to one another, John grants Harry a well deserved death by cleaving his head and thus ending his curse.


  • Immortality: Harry Constantine was cursed with biological immortality (unable to age, but able to be murdered).



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