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Harry G. Peter (b. March 8, 1880 – d.1958) was a comic book artist.

Professional History

Peter is best known as the original artist for Wonder Woman, created by William Moulton Marston. As a newspaper cartoonist, he worked on the Bud Fisher strip in the San Francisco Chronicle.

His first work for comic books was through Lloyd Jacquet's comic shop, Funnies, Inc., where he illustrated such features as the biography of General George Marshall in True Comics #4 (September 1941).

Peter continued to do the artwork for the Wonder Woman comics until his death in 1958.

Personal History

Harry George Peter was an American comic artist and cartoonist, born in California on March 8, 1880 and died in 1958.

Peter was a long-time resident in San Francisco with wife Adonica. His father was born on Prince Edward Islands in South Africa, while his mother was born in France.

Work History

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