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Quote1.png It took you a lifetime to gain your power-- and me only seconds to acquire and better it. Quote2.png
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Nemesis Kid was a member of the Legion of Super-Villains.

An alchemist on the planet Myar in the 30th century, Hart Druiter gave himself the power to adapt any power needed to defeat an opponent. He used his talents to work as a mercenary and was hired by the Khunds to infiltrate the Legion of Super-Heroes but was de-masked by new recruit Karate Kid. He later joined the Legion of Super-Villains, even leading the team during its most ambitious scheme that resulted in the death of Karate Kid. He was executed by Queen Projectra of Orando who snapped his neck with her bare hands and left his body to rot in the streets.


  • Power Adaptation: Nemesis Kid can develop just the right superhuman ability to counteract and defeat a single opponent at a time OR to mimic an ability of his opponent more efficiently. As such if he were to face Princess Projectra he would be able to see through her illusions; If fighting Karate Kid he is able to project energy blasts, since these can't be blocked by martial arts, or get superior martial skills; Or if he were to face Supergirl he would outclass her strength.[2][3]
  • Illusion Casting: Nemesis Kid once was jailed by the Legion. He fled and left a illusion IN his cell that fooled the Legion for whole one year[4]



  • Power Limitation: Nemesis Kid can only develop one ability per opponent, so if he were to fight multiple opponents his ability might teleport him away or not work at all. Fear also will deactivate his abilities, what proved to be fatal in his last fight against Projectra.

  • Although advanced science and magic exist in the 30th century, it is unknown which of these skills Hart used to create the potion that gives him his ability.
  • Each ability that Hart develops is very basic in nature. He cannot adapt the ability to generate kryptonite for a Kryptonian but he can gain enough resistance to not be harmed by them.



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