Pied Piper is a superhero. He had his vocal cords ripped out by Citizen Cold, but he was luckily provided with cybernetic replacement.[1]

Rathaway was a childhood friend of Wally West. When he visits his friend he finds Wally has been murdered. Rathaway then follows the evidence of to discover Citizen Cold's secret identity. Rathaway tries to rescue his friends aunt Iris West from the Rogues but was apparently killed by a explosive ice sculpture.[2] He was later revealed to have survived, and tells Iris about the murder of her nephew. Rathaway threatens Citizen Cold to surrender or he will reveal his identity to the world, but he refuses and Iris freezes him in place with his own Freeze Gun.[3]


  • Cybernetic Enhancement: Hartley is forced to talk through an electronic device in his mask because of the irreparable damage to his vocal chords.


  • Mute: Citizen Cold destroyed Piper's vocal chords in one of their earlier battles. [3]



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