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Hartley Rathaway is the Pied Piper, a reformed costumed criminal and former member of the Rogues.


Hartley made his first appearance as the leader of the Central City Symphony, following the presumed deaths of Barry Allen and Jean McNilty, among others, of the Central City Police Department.[1]


  • Master Musician: Hartley is a master of flute based composition, showing a unmatched skill in the instrument as well as creating songs with seamless effort. He is also the conductor (maestro) of the Central City Symphony.[1]
  • Cooking[2]
  • Motorcycle Driving[3]


  • Pied Piper's Flute: Rathaway has crafted his own sophisticated flute capable of hypnotizing rats and pigeons (and probably other creatures) within range of its sound, making them do what ever he wants, adding another similarity to his legendary namesake.[3]


  • Hartley Rathaway is currently dating David Singh.[1]
  • He lived in an apartment in Candler Park Neighborhood, Central City. Barry Allen shared the apartment with him for a while.[4] Some time later, he and Singh went to live in a house they bought together.[5]
  • Hartley has a pet rat named Moon.[4]
  • He started a support group for the victims of the Rogues to make amends about his past when he ran with the Rogues.[6]



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