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Detective Harvey Bullock is an angry, uncompromising detective in the Gotham City Police Department.

Harvey Bullock was a detective with a long career - and a file at Internal Affairs that was just about as long.[1] Starting out in the uniformed service, Bullock first moved to Vice, and later to Special Crimes. He was partnered with Renee Montoya and later Sonia Alcana[2] after the former was assigned to partner with a rookie named Wilkes.[3]

Bullock was one of the many people in Gotham that did not approve the presence of Batman. On a given chance, Bullock tried to put the police force against Batman for crimes he did not commit, but was proven wrong when Batman captured the responsible for the crimes, Man-Bat.[4]

Bullock was the target of some criminals in Gotham. He was kidnapped by Joker,[5] and later by H.A.R.D.A.C., who created a robotic duplicate of Bullock;[6] sought by Killer Croc, who wanted revenge against Bullock,[1] and also by Nivens, his landlord.[7]

During a gang bust, Bullock's recklessness cost the GCPD the chance to capture and apprehend a wanted gang. Afterwards, during a hearing from the Internal Affairs department, Bullock placed the blame for the failure onto Batman, despite the statements of the other two officers involved being opposite to his version. As a result, Bullock and the other officers were suspended from active service. However, thanks to Officer Montoya, Bullock was reinstated after the gang were captured.[3]

Harvey was part of the team led by Commissioner Gordon to provide police protection to possible Joker victims. After they were unable to prevent the second attack, Bullock deduced the location of Joker's hideout, but he tried to catch the madman by himself. Bullock ended up captured and was almost killed by Joker when he was thrown into a water tank with a shark. Bullock was saved by Batman and afterward Bullock arrested the Joker's gang.[8]



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