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Harvey Bullock was an arrogant and idealistic police detective from the Los Angeles Police Department and the former host of the cancelled crime reality show, Hollywood Detectives.

After spending nine years working homicide, Bullock decided to seek for new challenges and a chance to revive his fame by transferring to Gotham City, which was regarded as the most dangerous city in America.

Bullock was partnered with James Gordon, who was unwilling to work with him, and at first attempted to solve the murders of Gotham socialites Thomas and Martha Wayne. However, his time in the city slowly made him to realize that his ideals clashed with the city's corrupt criminal justice system.

When the Batman assaulted Jacob Weaver at Mayor Oswald Cobblepot's party, Bullock learned that Weaver was the first policeman to arrive at the Wayne murder and conclude that the murder may have ties to Cobblepot. But consequently, Bullock chose to use Gordon's name to gain access to the GCPD's cold case files to the Wayne murder in which he unknowingly tipped off Cobblepot into dispatching the Birthday Boy serial killer to abduct Gordon's daughter Barbara. Once he realized of what had occurred, an apologetic Bullock helped Gordon in finding Barbara by forcing a thug named Axe into revealing Barbara's location, which is at the abandoned Arkham Manor.

By circumstance, he and Gordon teamed up with the Batman in fighting the Birthday Boy. During a struggle with the killer, Bullock was slammed into the basement, where he found the remains of the Birthday Boy's victims. After the Birthday Boy was subdued, Bullock was psychologically traumatized by what he had witnessed at Arkham Manor and as a result he took up drinking as a coping mechanism.


Other Characteristics

  • Alcoholism: Traumatized by seeing Birthday Boy's victims, Bullock turned to alcoholism.



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