Harvey Bullock was the chief of Gotham City Police Department.

Harvey Bullock was the police chief of Gotham City and was also known as "Bulldog". Under Commissioner James Gordon, the city had to deal with the murders of women committed by Jack the Ripper. During the inauguration of the Gotham World Fair, Sister Leslie and Selina Kyle complained to Mayor Tolliver about the murders, but Bulldog blamed her shelters being responsible for attracting loose women. When Bruce Wayne showed up, he tried escorting the disrupting ladies out, only to be interrupted by Bruce who went to talk with Leslie and Gordon privately.

He attended Leslie's funeral after she was murdered by the Ripper, and arrested Marlene Mahoney when she started threatening to Bruce that she would reveal he was near the scene of Leslie's murder. Later when Hugo Strange was murdered at the Arkham Asylum, Bullock and his fellow officers spotted Batman and Jack fighting atop a police blimp. As they shot toward them, they accidentally hit the blimp and caused it to crash land. Bulldog went after Batman,, assuming he was the killer, and gave his men orders to kill him on sight. Gordon however soon arrived to restrain him and stated he wanted him alive. Later when Marlene was found murdered, the police suspected Bruce and Harvey Dent told them that he should be at Selina's hotel.

Bullock arrived with his men and found Bruce exactly where Dent told them he'll be, having him arrested. It was soon however revealed that Jack the Ripper was Gordon himself.



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