Former district attorney Harvey Dent was transformed into the villain Two-Face after Gotham crime boss Sal Maroni threw acid into his face. In Batman: Arkham Asylum although he makes no physical appearance his cell is shown being covered in defaced Uncle Sam posters. Scanning the room subsequently unlocks his bio. At the end of the game he is heard to be attacking Gotham Bank prompting Batman to leave.

Two-Face appears in Batman: Arkham City as one of the three major gang leaders in Arkham City, based in the Solomon Wayne Courthouse (decorated in Two-Face's bisected preferenced) and wars for control of Arkham City against the Joker to his east and the Penguin to the south. He is encountered early on, bested and left tied up by Batman and Catwoman. He later gets loose and disappears for a while, but his gang continues to hold their territory in Park Row--the north-west quadrant of Arkham City. Later, when the Penguin is captured, Harvey expands to the Bowery, the south-west region, and absorbs much of the Penguin's organization. Catwoman's final episode involves confronting him to retrieve some things he stole from her, having him as a boss-figure wielding a rocket launcher which shoots two rockets in sequence every time it's fired.

Professor Hugo Strange's interview tapes, unlocked by completing rows of the Riddler's challenges for the Subway system, show the Professor took an interest in Harvey Dent and hypothesized that Harvey may have always had the condition which characterizes him now, but the pain and trauma of his scarring allowed it to manifest more clearly. He made an apparently sincere offer of help to Two-Face, to try to restore him to Harvey Dent before the incident--all Two-Face had to do was let his coin fall without catching it. Two-Face declined. The tapes also show that Two-Face is extremely uncomfortable without his coin--and even moreso when faced with several identical copies of it, with the real one among them.


Normal human, physically.


Accurate marksman, quite good at manipulation of his coin.


Normal human.


His coin.


Pair of Colt .45's, later a special rocket launcher.

Psychotic obsession with duality and the number two. Defers to a flip of his coin on important matters. Thinks of himself as two people. Which of him is speaking can be determined by his tone of voice--Harvey Dent sounds normal, and Two-Face speaks in a damp growl.

Catwoman claws him in the unscarred side of his face and he appears to be shedding tears a moment later.



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