Harvey Dent was the District Attorney of Gotham City.

He later decided to run for Mayor against incumbent Hamilton Hill. Dent was a close friend of wealthy Gothamite Bruce Wayne, who financially supported his campaign. However, Dent's campaign was potentially given bad publicity when Bruce became the face of scrutiny as his parents were tied to Carmine Falcone's criminal organization. Dent decided to distance himself from Bruce for the sake of preserving his campaign, but still asking Bruce for campaign contributions.

While participating in a public debate with Hamilton Hill, Dent was taken hostage by the terrorist group known as the Children of Arkham led by The Penguin. Dent was injected with a specialized drug that drastically affected his mind. He was then rescued by the Batman, but Hill was murdered by the Penguin. As a result, Dent was automatically sworn in as the new Mayor of Gotham City.

Despite becoming Mayor, Dent was traumatized by the hostage incident and showing signs of developing a more aggressive split personality which is exacerbated by the activities of the Children of Arkham. During this time, Dent's friendship with Bruce ended when he found him infatuated with his girlfriend Selina Kyle. This became the final catalyst that caused Dent to succumbed to his split personality. Ruling with ruthlessness, he placed the city under martial law, attempted to seize Wayne Estate to finance his private security and even ordering the bombing of a block containing a Children of Arkham base, killing several innocent people in the process. Dent's tyranny led him to wage war on the GCPD and Batman, and is eventually arrested.

One year after the Children of Arkham were defeated, Dent has since remained imprisoned and his court trial had been repeatedly pushed back due to several of his legal teams recusing themselves. This forced Dent to insist on representing himself in the trial.




  • While the player is able to prevent Harvey's physical disfigurement this doesn't prevent him from going insane as the true reason for his loss of sanity was a drug he was injected with by Vicki Vale, the (optional) disfigurement only accelerates the process.
  • Harvey also becomes known as Two-Face without becoming disfigured, it's implied this is because he campaigned to make Gotham safer during his mayoral campaign and then went on to make things worse once he became mayor, leading to accusations of being two-faced.


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