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Quote1.png A spineless opportunist. No real sense of right and wrong... just a finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing. Now you've got your coin to tell you what you can and can't do -- as if you're not responsible for your own choices. Quote2.png
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Harvey Dent was Two-Face, the former DA of Gotham City who was scarred and driven mad by the nest of vipers in his city. He worked as the partner of the Riddler with goals to kill the Batman, but he was murdered by him in the process.


Harvey Dent

Harvey Dent was elected district attorney of Gotham City. He promised to take down the crime lord Carl Grissom, and the rest of what he called a "nest of vipers."

While walking out of Gotham city hall Mayor Borg tells Dent and James Gordon that he wants the 200th anniversary party to have "hot dogs, balloons, the whole schmeer," and that he wants it celebrated "proudly and publicly." Harvey replies, "We're already in bankruptcy and haven't seen one balloon." He also mentions that it isn't safe to hold a public event like that yet. Borg tells them that if they can get several people to attend then the businesses would return to Gotham. Gordon tells Borg that he doesn't think that would work since, "They're scared." "They won't be scared," Borg replies, "Once you get Grissom into that courthouse. I promised that remember."

Because of his legal position, he later attended Bruce Wayne's charity for the Gotham 200th birthday celebration. He hangs around with Commissioner Jim Gordon at a craps table and is asked by reporter Alexander Knox about his view on the Batman. He answers, "Mr. Knox, we've got enough problems is this city to worry about ghosts and goblins." Harvey then walks away as Knox humorously comments, "That is not a denial."

After falling into a vat of toxic chemicals criminal Jack Napier became the Joker, who then has the major mob bosses assassinated. Dent appears on the scene with Mayor Borg. A reporter from Action News asks Dent on what he has to say to which Dent replies, "I have no comment right now."

When Joker poisons Gotham's cosmetics products with his toxin called Smylex. Dent and his department work hard to try to find out what the Joker is poisoning with, being heavily pressured by Mayor Borg to do it fast so that the 200th Anniversary Party of Gotham City can be held.

After several people have been killed by the Joker, he, Gordon, and Borg announce to the public that Gotham's 200th Anniversary Gala has been indefinitely postponed, because they cannot ensure the public's safety. Joker then interrupts saying that he himself will hold the party, and dump twenty million in cash on the crowd, which gets the civilians' interest. Borg says that they are not going to make any deals, but Joker then cuts him off.

After the Joker is killed Dent and Gordon have a press conference where Gordon declares that the rest of the Joker's men are being rounded up. Harvey then tells them that they have received a message from Batman to the citizens of Gotham. It goes...

"We've received a letter from Batman this morning. 'Please inform the citizens of Gotham that Gotham City has earned a rest from crime. But if the forces of evil should rise again, to cast a shadow on the heart of the city, call me."

"Question", Knox says, "How do we call him?" Gordon then walks over to a floodlight that is off and says, "He gave us a signal". He then turns it on revealing that it is the Batsignal.

Batman Forever

Some time after the events of Batman, Dent is still the district attorney of Gotham City. He put the current mafia don of the city, Boss Maroni, on trial. During the trial, Maroni threw acid into Dent's face, and despite Batman's efforts, Dent was hit, and half of his face became scarred. He was driven mad and took up the identity of Two-Face. He vowed revenge against Batman for not saving him. He was subsequently captured and sent to Arkham Asylum.

Two year later, Two-Face escaped from Arkham and grouped together some thugs to serve as his enforcers. He then attacked the 2nd National Bank in Gotham City, where he took a security guard hostage, planning on luring in and killing Batman. As the police surround the building Two-Face talks to his captive about luck, and horrifies him with the scarred half of his face. Two-Face then explains how he flips his coin and flips for the guard's life. Two-Face tells the guard that he will let him live. Two-Face then has his men take the guard and locking him inside a vault while the guard shouts, "I thought you said you were going to let me live!" Two-Face says, "Too true! And so you shall! Nothing's better than live bait to trap a bat!"

Eventually Batman entered the bank and went up in an elevator. Two-Face thinks this is very punctual even for his own funeral and has his men line up with their guns in hand. When the elevator reaches the floor Two-Face shouts, "Blast him," and a hail of bullets is fired at the elevator. Eventually they stop and look inside after the doors open, and Batman jumps out. When Batman starts taking down his men, Two-Face growls and runs away.

Two-Face gets into a helicopter with a chain attaching it to the vault the guard is locked in as well as Batman. The helicopter rips the vault out of the building and drags it in midair as it flies away. Two-Face also causes boiling acid to pour out inside the vault, hoping to melt both Batman and the guard. However, Batman and the guard escape, and soon has the vault slide back inside the building with the guard riding on it. Two-Face tries to shake Batman off as he now dangles on the severed cable attached to the helicopter, but Batman soon blocks the window with his cape, causing Two-Face to fire upon the window and kill his pilot. He then uses a steering wheel lock to cause the helicopter to fly straight into the Lady Gotham statue in Gotham Harbor, hoping to kill Batman, while he escapes with a parachute. Batman barely escapes by jumping into the harbor before the helicopter crashes into the statue.

Two-Face shows up next at the circus, where Bruce Wayne and Chase Meridian watch the Flying Graysons in action upon the trapeze. He has a time bomb set up that will blow up the building the circus is held in unless Batman reveals himself. Bruce decides to reveal himself as Batman to save the people, but the tumult of noise prevents him from being heard. Two-Face then activates the bomb and has it being raised to the roof. The Flying Graysons act in trying to stop the bomb before it detonates. Dick Grayson manages to grab it and roll it down the building where it lands in the Gotham River, exploding harmlessly in the water. But his parents and brother weren't lucky; Two-Face fired at the cables they were swinging on and caused them to fall to their deaths.

Later on, as Batman drives around in his Batmobile looking for Two-Face, he shows up appearing as an old lady crossing the street with a baby carriage. He pulls out of the baby carriage a bazooka, from which he fires a charge at Batman. The Batmobile makes a sideways dodge, causing the charge to blow up the vehicle belonging to Two-Face's gang following him. Two-Face tells the rest of the gang in other vehicles to chase after Batman while he flings away his bazooka in a rage. Soon they have him trapped going down a narrow dead-end alley with no way out. Batman fires a cable at the top of the building and uses it to pull the Batmobile up the side of the building, escaping the dead end as the vehicles following him crash and explode.

Two-Face at his secret hideout grumbles about his inability to destroy Batman, while his two girlfriends Sugar and Spice try to take his two minds off Batman and on what they're serving him for dinner. Soon he gets an unexpected and unwelcome visit from a man who now shows up wearing a green suit with question marks on it and a cane with a question mark on it, calling himself the Riddler. Two-Face threatens to kill the intruder unless he tells him how he managed to find out where he lived. The Riddler shows him with an advanced version of his invention, which he now calls the Box, setting up two of them on top of television sets that Sugar and Spice each sit before, and then puts a handheld device toward his forehead to activate them, drawing from their brains everything they know. The Riddler gives Two-Face a taste of what it does, but says the only way he can get more is if he helps steal enough money so he could manufacture and distribute Boxes all over Gotham, and from that he will help Two-Face know who Batman really is. Not liking intruders but intrigued by the Riddler's invention, Two-Face flips his coin to decide whether to keep his visitor alive or to kill him. Sure enough, the coin decides in the Riddler's favor, and the two of them go off on a crime spree together.

Later on, at a gala party Ed Nygma holds to showcase the latest advances of his Box, Two-Face crashes it with his girlfriend Spice, letting loose a hail of gunfire to scare people into handing over their valuables. He is getting tired of waiting for his partner to show him who the Batman is and just wants him to show up so he can kill him. Soon the Batman shows at the party, and Two-Face lures him outside the building and into an underground section where the villain ignites a gas explosion. Batman escapes it by activating a heat shield and runs through it unscathed. Two-Face then buries Batman in a ton of sand before he escapes, only for the Dark Knight to be soon rescued by his unexpected partner Dick Grayson, dressed in his Flying Grayson costume and wearing a mask.

Though again Two-Face was unsuccessful in killing Batman, the Riddler does come through with what he has promised. From a recording his Box made of Bruce Wayne's brain as he entered a depowered Box booth that was suddenly repowered by Sugar, they saw the image of a black bat, which revealed to them that Bruce Wayne is the Batman.

On Halloween, as Chase Meridian enjoys a quiet evening with Bruce Wayne, trying to get to know his secrets, Two-Face and the Riddler break into Wayne Manor with his gang, knocking out Alfred the butler at the door. While the Riddler goes to destroy things in the Batcave with his Riddler bat bombs, Bruce and Chase keep the thugs at bay as Two-Face keeps flipping the coin, not getting his decision until the bad heads finally lands, and soon wounds Bruce, felling him to the floor. Two-Face gets ready to kill Bruce until the Riddler stops him, telling him Bruce will never learn the riddle that's left to him if he's dead. They soon make off with Chase and have her bound inside their island headquarters.

After being healed and learning that it was Ed Nygma, the Riddler, who kept sending him all the riddles, Bruce goes off to the Riddler's headquarters as Batman in his Batwing, joined by Dick Grayson as Robin in the Batboat. Both Two-Face and the Riddler knock out the vehicles that the Dynamic Duo ride in, though they manage to swim ashore onto the island, where the Robin finds himself being lifted up from the ground. Soon Two-Face comes out to attack Robin, but Robin expects him to do so and fights back, causing him to hold on for dear life as he dangles over the edge of the raised fortress. Two-Face tells Robin to let him die, for that is what the young man wants, but Robin pulls him up to safety, saying he's turning him over to the police. Two-Face admires Robin's nobility, though foolish, and pulls a revolver on him, bringing him inside.

Inside the fortress, as Batman manages to rescue both Chase and Robin as they are dropped down the shaft into a watery death by the Riddler, Two-Face shows up on a ledge to shoot at them, saying that it's curtains for them. Batman reminds Two-Face of his coin, which alone can make the decision for him. As he tosses up the coin, Batman throws a bunch of coins toward Two-Face, who tries to catch the right one but ends up falling down the shaft as Robin watches. As his arm sinks into the water, his hand catches the coin on good heads.

Batman '89

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