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Quote1.png This is my world now. A dichotomy of order and chaos... just like me. [...] Chance, Grace. Chance is everything. Whether you're born or not. Whether you live or die. Whether you're good or bad. It's all... arbitrary. Quote2.png
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Harvey Dent is Two-Face, the former District Attorney of Gotham City who turned into a bitter and short-tempered crimelord after an accident that scarred half his face and permanently split his already fractured psyche.

Early Life

During Harvey's childhood, he was often harassed by a bully until he decided to stand up to him and punched the bully in the face. The next day, Harvey found out that the bully was in the hospital. Though he went there to get his appendix removed, Dent thought he had sent him there because of their fight. Dent felt so guilty about what happened that he never showed his anger again. Over the years, that built up anger developed into a second personality named "Big Bad Harv." Dent managed to keep it under control for most of his life, but it would always slip out during brief moments of anger and embarrassment.[1]

District Attorney

Years later, he became Gotham City's District Attorney and a true guardian of law and order. As DA, Harvey was responsible for the construction of Stonegate Penitentiary along with Mayor Hill and Bruce Wayne.[2] One of Harvey's first actions was to promise Harvey Bullock to prosecute Batman if Bullock captured him.[3]

D.A. Harvey Dent

The construction of Stonegate came back to haunt him five years later, when he met Dr. Pamela Isley and fell in love with her, so badly that he proposed after a week of knowing her. After their dinner with Bruce Wayne, Isley had to leave and she gave Harvey a kiss, after which, he dropped unconscious and was taken to the hospital in a severe coma. Harvey was poisoned and Batman retrieved the antidote from Poison Ivy, cured Harvey and warned him about Ivy.[2]

Some time later, Dent, who was engaged to Grace Lamont, started a war against crime and mob boss Rupert Thorne as part of his re-election campaign. However, Thorne learned of Dent's psychological problems and he threatened to expose his secret. Harvey's anger persona, "Big Bad Harv", took over and a fight broke out between between Dent and Thorne's men. Batman arrived to help as Dent chased Thorne across the chemical plant. The fight caused and accidental explosion that deformed the left side of Dent's body. After recovering at a hospital, Dent finally saw his face on a mirror and the trauma was powerful enough to force his alternate personality to dominate and then, he escaped from the hospital.[1]



After the accident, he adopted the name "Two-Face" and soon began his own crusade to bring Thorne down with a criminal spree over Thorne's various businesses. Two-Face then started relying on a special coin to moderate his every action as flipping the coin would determine his decisions. However, he couldn't stop thinking of her loved Grace and soon he arranged a meeting with her, right after getting vital information about Thorne's criminal activities. During their meeting, Thorne and his gang arrived at the place and retrieved the information before they tried to kill Two-Face and Grace. Batman appeared in time and prevented anyone from getting hurt. However, Two-Face had the chance to kill Thorne once and for all, but Batman stopped Dent by confusing his special coin and preventing him from committing further crimes. When the police arrived, Dent was taken to Arkham Asylum.[4]

Having escaped from Arkham, Two-Face associated himself with corrupt official Gil Mason and together, they framed Commissioner Gordon for ilegal association in order to clear the path for their crimes. As usual, Two-Face's plans were thwarted by Batman and Robin, although this time they were also assisted by their new ally, Batgirl.[5][6] Two-Face also encountered Batman on other occasions, always with the same outcome.[7]

The Judge

Some time later, Two-Face's personality fragmented a second time, creating a third personality called "The Judge", a violent court-themed vigilante that attempted to eliminate all of Gotham's denizens, even brutally attacking and defeating master criminals such as Penguin, Killer Croc, and the Riddler. Two-Face, looking to eradicate this new threat to him, had no idea that he himself was The Judge. In the end, he was sent back to Arkham.[8]

The Future

Harvey was eventually rehabilitated and returned to his law profession. He passed "Dent's Law," which prevented super-villains from getting public graves if they were convicted or if they died in battle. The idea was that this would curve individuals from celebrating or martyring late super-villains.[9]


Other Characteristics

  • Monstrous Appearance
  • Multiple Personalities: Even before his tragic accident, Dent had two personalities - one friendly and polite, the other "Big Bad Harv," violent and rash. During the course of his life, he also developed a third personality: the Judge.
  • Obsession Coin Reliance : Two-Face does things according to chance and therefore relies heavily on his coin to make decisions, making the coin his Achilles' heel.


  • Two-Face's Coin: A two-headed coin that is clean on one side, and covered by scars on the other. Every decision Two-Face makes falls on the flip of his coin. It is judge, jury and executioner. When the "Good Heads" turns up, Dent will show mercy or do good. When it is "Bad Heads," Two-Face will commit the crime.

  • Two-Face uses Half 'n Half cream in his coffee.[7]
  • Two Face usually has a set of twins in his gang.


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