Harvey Dent is a dangerous criminal who lost his sanity after half his face was marred by scars. He became the super-villain known as Two-Face and started making decisions of good or evil based on the flip of his double-headed coin.

At one point Two-Face was apprehended and imprisoned at Arkham Asylum. Batman and Commissioner Gordon passed Dent's prison cell when they went to interrogate Killer Croc at the psychiatric hospital. Two-Face flipped his coin while a bolt of lightning flashed through the night, illuminating the super-villain's cell.[1]

The darker side of Two-Face hired Professor Pyg to operate on him so as to make his face and personality whole. While the Harvey's good side tried to plead to the surgeon, he was ignored. Just as Pyg was about to drill in his eye, Scandal Savage and Knockout arrived and killed all of Professor Pyg's henchmen. Harvey thanked them for saving him, but Knockout merely rendered him unconscious.[2]

Dent and his gang were among the many Gotham City villains taken down by Batman and Catwoman during their team-up.[3]





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