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Quote1.png What are you so mad about, Bats? I've... been a sport. You have to admit that-- I played along. And you... you took your joke about as far as it could go... Got the whole world to smile at me... Got them all to keep their lunches down when they saw my... my face... Saying I was cured... Saying I was fixed. Take a look. Have your laugh. I'm fixed all right. At least... both sides match... Quote2.png
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Even without a scarred face Harvey Dent became Two-Face again

Shortly before becoming Batman again, Bruce Wayne funds Harvey Dent's surgery and psychiatric sessions to return him to how he was before becoming Two-Face. Apparently, the sessions only succeeded in erasing Dent's good side. After being released, he returns to crime. After his scheme was foiled by an out-of-retirement Batman, and a brief skirmish between the two, Dent reveals that he now sees both sides of his face as scarred as he puts it "both sides match". It is assumed he is taken back to Arkham Asylum.


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