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Quote1.png I can't be confused with you! You're a soulless criminal and professional thief, whereas I'm a lawyer. I guess we have more in common than I thought. Quote2.png
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Harvey Dent used to be a lawyer before a horrific accident split his personality in two and scarred half of his face, turning him into Two-Face. From that point on, he became a criminal and an enemy to Batman.

In one of his capers, he worked side by side with the Penguin for a bank heist, but Two-Face ditched him and ran away with the money. Infuriated, Penguin hired Deadshot to capture Two-Face alive and bring him the money. However, Two-Face was already in Batman's custody, who planned to use Two-Face as bait to put Deadshot behind bars as well.[1]



  • Multiple Personalities: The Harvey and Two-Face personas coexist and are in constant bickering with one another.



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