Hassan the Mummy is a mystical artifact brought to life through the magic of Zatanna.

Zatanna maintains Hassan as a guardian at her ancestral home Shadowcrest. When Deathstroke the Terminator attempted to assassinate the Trickster and Pied Piper, the Flash asked Zatanna for some assistance in securing them at a safe location. Zatanna offered up Hassan to stand guard over them at a hotel suite in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island.[1] The Pied Piper used a telephone dial tone as a surrogate flute and managed to cast Hassan into a trance that forced him to fall over inert. The trick worked long enough for the two former Rogues to make their escape. Hassan soon awakened and went on a rampage trying to find them. He burst through the wall of the Meat Locker - an exotic club where Black Canary's bachlorette party was being held - and began running amok. Fortunately, Zatanna was amongst the revelers and used her magic to turn him into dust.[2] Later Hassan was recreated and he returned to his duty of guarding Zatanna's home, specifically her library.



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