Hath-Set is an eternal enemy of Hawkman, reincarnating into new villains every generation.

At the Dawn of Time

Not much is known about Hath-Set's first life as a caveman, not even his name at that time. Most of this period is shrouded in the lies and half-truths woven by Barbatos. What is known for certain is that, inspired by Batman (by then lost in time after the events of Final Crisis), Hath-Set founded the Judas Tribe, also known as the Bat Tribe and led it to war against the three other tribes, most prominently the Bird Tribe.[1] This war was apparently caused by the Bat Tribe worshipping the demon Barbatos and trying to bring him on Earth.

During one such battle, Hath-Set apparently made use of a weapon forged in Nth Metal to slay the chieftain of the Birds and his wife, sending them into a never ending cycle of reincarnation. When he himself died, either during this battle or afterward, Hath-Seth was also subjected to the same cycle of reincarnations, forced to confront his foes for all eternity.[2]

Ancient Egypt

In Ancient Egypt, Hath-Set was the servant of Prince Khufu and his wife Chay-Ara and witnessed with them the fall of a thanagarian ship on Earth. The ship was made of Nth Metal and Hat-Set used it to murder Khufu and Chay-Ara, the then reincarnations of the Birds Tribe's leaders. Hath-Set used sorcery to cloud Hawkman and Hawkgirl memory, making them forget that their lives as egyptian nobility wasn't their first.[2]


  • Reincarnation : Hath-Set has achieved a form of immortality, either when he struck down Hawkman and Hawkgirl's first incarnation with his Nth Metal weapon, or when he himself died, being infected by this Metal. Since that ancient era, Hath-Set as been reborn countless time, hunting his foes to kill them all over again.




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