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The Haunted Tank is a military tank crew led and commanded by then sergeant Jeb Stuart during World War II.


The original crew consisted of Stuart's childhood friends who had volunteered for the tank cavalry when the war began, and aided by the ghost of Stuart's Grandfather Confederate general J.E.B. Stuart, who possessed the crew's Light M3 Stuart Tank. The Haunted Tank fought through the North African Campaign to the European Theater of Operations, in which the crew went through several M3 Tanks. After the latest of their M3 was destroyed, the crew scavenge spare parts and wreckage from a "tank graveyard" to build themselves a new tank, known as the "Jigsaw Tank", which serves them from that point.[1]

The Haunted Tank later found themselves stranded behind enemy line following a disastrous mission engineered to rescue the son of their commanding officer General Norton from a German P.O.W. camp and fighting their way back to the front. During this, they pick up Gus Gray, an African American soldier who had escaped from the same P.O.W. camp.[2] Days later, the tank's loader Arch Asher died in saving his crew from an exploding kamikaze German tank, and Gus took his place in the crew.[3]

Later in the war, its driver Slim Stryker was also killed in action and replaced by Bill Craig.[4] Craig's son Eddie also joined the crew, taking over the loader's position and allowing Gus to act as a second gunner. The Jigsaw Tank was eventually replaced by an M4 Sherman tank that saw them through to the end of the war.[5]



Weapons: The built-in arsenal of the M3 and M4 tanks

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