"Shock and Awesome": During the early 2003 Invasion of Iraq where a Abram tank, commanded by Jamal Stuart and his crew Babe Johnson, Chop Chop and Hot Rocks are lagging behind a hundred miles away from their company due to a blown road wheel arm (which Chop Ch

Quote1 Let's go wake the others and pretend that we didn't just get hit in the face by God's whoopee cushion. Quote2
Jamal Stuart

Haunted Tank #1 is an issue of the series Haunted Tank (Volume 1) with a cover date of February, 2009. It was published on December 4, 2008.

Appearing in "Shock and Awesome"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Syrian raiders
  • Iraqi Armed Forces




  • U.S. Army M1 Abrams tank

Synopsis for "Shock and Awesome"

During the early 2003 Invasion of Iraq where a Abram tank, commanded by Jamal Stuart and his crew Babe Johnson, Chop Chop and Hot Rocks are lagging behind a hundred miles away from their company due to a blown road wheel arm (which Chop Chop reveals it was all thanks to Johnson's driving for running over a camel). Suddenly a hand-held missile is fired on their tank, causing minor damage but knocking everyone out from the impact. The shooters, a band of Syrian raiders, approaches the tank and prepares to take it. But the ghost of Confederate J.E.B. "Jeb" Stuart appears and takes control of the tank's machine gun, and killing the raiders.

Johnson and Jamal regain consciousness and are surprise of seeing the Confederate ghost. Jeb introduce himself to them in which Johnson, who also hailed from the American South, is very enjoy to meeting him. Jamal ask him why he is here in which the spectral Colonel explains that ever since he died during the American Civil War his spirit has been burden and honored to continue leading men in every era's cavalry - specifically mechanized armor as of modern times - which is why he is here to acquit himself to his fullest of his abilities to help them. Jamal then ask as to why he, and "southern boys" like him, fight so hard against overwhelming odds which Jeb responds that it is foreign powers that seeks submission of one's sovereign state fuels the need for defiance. However, Jamal, being an African-American, then immediately raises the issues of slavery that Jeb practically fought for before Johnson cuts in and question Jeb of how he could decide which tank he could assist. Jeb explains that it has always been that he aid his descendants, who carries the family name "Stuart", in battle. Then everyone (including Jeb) surprisingly realizes that Jamal Stuart is Jeb's descendant that he must serve with. Jamal is not too happy of this awkward revelation and angrily storms back to his tank to wake his remaining crew and continue on their mission.

On the way, Johnson profess to Jamal that Jeb could be a valuable ally to them, but Jamal remains ill-content and refuses any kind of help from his ancestor while Chop Chop and Hot Rocks are confuse of the conversation between the two and are skeptical of what they had told them. Inadvertently they come across four Iraqi tanks. The crew take action and preemptively destroying three of them. As they tried to target the last tank, they accidentally drive into a trench and are unable to target the enemy tank, and are left vulnerable. Fortunately, Jeb appears and slices the Iraqi tank's cannon with his cavalry saber and killing its crew.

Jeb regroup with Stuart and his crew, which Chop Chop and Hot Rock sees him for real. Jamal, however, is still not happy to see him despite what Jeb did to save them and ask him why he is still here. Jeb honestly swear that he is still honor bound to serve with Jamal and that he will stay with them indefinitely. Jamal then admit to Jeb that he did saved them two times already and ask him if he is really to serve him and his crew even if he is black. Jeb confess that he will serve by their side regardless of race (including Chop Chop who is Korean-American). Jamal agrees to have him, but points out that even though he is outranked by Jeb he is still the commander of his tank and crew which Jeb gives his consent. Johnson then reveals to everyone of having erected a ratty Confederate flag onto to their tank in recognition of their new member, much to Jamal's annoyance. Jamal then ask Jeb to be useful and telling him as to how they will get out of the desert because they are still lost.


  • Haunted Tank is a five-issue limited series published under DC's Vertigo imprint. This series is suggested for mature readers.
  • Issue shipped with an alternate cover illustrated by Henry Flint.


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