Hauptman Kurt Venkschaft is an officer of the Nazis' Gestapo who oversaw the capture and interrogation of the Rifle Brigade. His last name is often erroneously pronounced by others as "Wankshaft", which annoyingly infuriates Hauptman.

Venkschaft let slip to the Rifle Brigade about the secret V-2 Rocket laboratory nearby which he believed was their intended mission to destroy it from ever stopping the D-Day Invasion. Shortly afterward, the Rifle Brigade briefly held Venkschaft hostage and destroyed the rocket facility with ease before escaping with the only copy of the formula of the V-2's rocket fuel. When Venkschaft was then contacted by Hitler, the Fuhrer mispronounce him as "Wankshaft" which Venkschaft angrily berated him for his mispronunciation before realizing his grave mistake. As a result, Venkschaft is greatly demoted from his position and was posted to a penal battalion in the Eastern Front.



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