Quote1.png He is feared, and justly, by those who would deprive the beasts and birds of their sanctuary. Quote2.png
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Hawkman is a member of Superman's Justice League.

Hawkman has an underdeveloped extended family which drove him to become a loner. He has no connections to the Thanagarians or to Hawkgirl. His body is the direct result of the Hawkgod and his mind and soul come from the reincarnated soul of his ancient Egyptian ancestor. Hawkman became a guardian of nature in the Pacific Northwest in which some calls him a savior or an eco-terrorist.

He later joined Superman's Justice League, their first mission back being to subdue the Americommando from slaughtering refugees gathering on Liberty Island. They then helped in arresting rogue metahumans. Hawkman participated in the battle at the Gulag and was subsequently killed in the U.N. nuclear bombing.




  • Mute: He cannot speak in a normal fashion.


  • Necklace of King Tutankhamen


  • Wings


  • Spear

  • According to character supplement in Kingdom Come / Revelations Hawkman was designed to be a "lone figure" and based on the Hawkgod being. The "reincarnated soul" is a reference to the Golden Age Hawkman who was the reincarnation of the Egyptian prince Khufu.



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