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Hawkman is a winged superhero developed during the Golden Age of comics. He was created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Dennis Neville, first appearing in the 1940 publication Flash Comics #1. There have been several significant changes to Hawkman continuity over the years, which are explained more thoroughly at the "Hawkman is confusing" page.


In his original appearance Hawkman was Carter Hall, an archaeologist and museum curator who fights crime using magic weaponry made out of Nth Metal. Hall was the reincarnation of an Egyptian prince named Khufu, acting out his destiny as a hero. His romantic interest was Shiera Sanders, a reincarnation of Khufu's lover Chay-Ara who later become Hawkwoman. Their greatest enemy was the reincarnated Hath-Set, the priest who murdered them in their original life. In the Silver Age this origin was dramatically changed, and Hawkman was established as an alien police officer from the planet Thanagar. This version's love interest was Shayera Thal. Both versions were later combined into a single character during the events of Zero Hour.

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