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"Secrets...": As the blackmailed Terran agents of Thanagar continue their surreptitious takeover of Earth.

Hawkman (Volume 2) #1 is an issue of the series Hawkman (Volume 2) with a cover date of August, 1986.

Synopsis for "Secrets..."

As the blackmailed Terran agents of Thanagar continue their surreptitious takeover of Earth.

Katar reads a news article regarding Mavis Trent's death. A rogue band of Thanagarian shadow agents assumed she was Shayera Thal because she was wearing Shayera's armor. The agents murdered Mavis by disintegrating her. Shayera on the other hand is working hard in fixing her detector which can track Gentleman Ghost's movements. The detector can also detect incoming Thanagarian ships but only after they enter Earth's atmosphere. All of a sudden, Shayera gets the detector working and it gives out a signal. The detector detects a landing at the Midway City Justice Center. Katar and Shayera arrive on the scene where Captain Frazier is waiting for them.

Captain Frazier informs them that the jailbreak was orchestrated by someone who smuggled heavy artillery for the criminals to use. The criminals have built a barricade on the roof. The criminals shot down a helicopter that was trying to get a better idea of the situation. Katar and Shayera use an aerial attack to drop a few tear gas bombs on the roof. They switch on their breather assists to avoid the gas but when the smoke clears, they can't find any escaped convicts. The Shadow-Thief calls out from the distance and informs his foes that he faked the landing transmission which fooled Shayera's detector. His employers wanted to determine the detector was working and the Hawks took the bait.

Shadow-Thief tells the Hawks that they should stayed as curators of the museum while the Thanagarian armada quietly plotted to take over Earth. Shadow-Thief confirms that his employers are Thanagarians. Shadow-Thief informs the Hawks that his employers are offering them one last chance to rejoin the armada or be destroyed. Katar reacts fast by knocking the gun out of Shadow-Thief's hand and grabbing his wrists so he can't escape with his Dimensiometer.

Sands escapes, but the convicts are captured. Meanwhile, Joe Tracy, whose unrequited love for Mavis has turned him bitter toward the Halls, whom he blames for her death, vows to get rid of them as curators of the museum. As they investigate and find evidence that Hyathis Corporation is a Thanagarian front, Katar and Shayera are exposed as aliens in Tracy's article in the Midway City Post.

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  • The Absorbascon cannot read the minds of Superman, Wonder Girl, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and Doctor Fate.
  • Hawkman, Superman, Gentleman Ghost and Thrill-Killer cameo flashback from DC Comics Presents #95.
  • One page Who's Who entry featuring the Shadow-Thief.

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