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Despite being a team of aviators, the Blackhawk Squadron has employed a number of submarines.


The Blackhawks first built a submarine which they called the Hawkmarine to battle the Sea Wolf, a girl in a wolf mask with a sub wolfpack, who was sinking US arms shipments to Europe in the North Atlantic. Shortly, the name was changed to Hawksub (or Hawk-sub). The Hawksub was used frequently by the Blackhawks to battle sea-faring villains such as Killer Shark.

In the mid-1950s, the Blackhawks designed another atomic submarine, which was built by the U.S. Navy, and called the Sea Hawk. This sub could operate at depths down to 1500 feet. The Soviet military obtained copies of the blueprints and built a copy of the prototype immediately. At the end of the Sea Hawk's first cruise, the original Sea Hawk was sunk and the Blackhawks had captured the Russian prototype. However the plans were compromised, and the USSR still would be able to produce more copies of this remarkable warship.[1]


  • The Hawkmarine could be safely submerged or surfaced by remote control, from the Blackhawks' belt radios.[2]


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