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"Freefall": Chief Scientist Paran Hol delivers his latest transcript to the High Mor while Katar trains with tri-holos which test his agility and reflexes in the old form of Thanagarian combat. Commander Byth makes an unexpected visit and tries to test Katar's skills in swordsmanship. Byth has s

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Katar Hol

Hawkworld #2 is an issue of the series Hawkworld (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 1989.

Synopsis for "Freefall"

Chief Scientist Paran Hol delivers his latest transcript to the High Mor while Katar trains with tri-holos which test his agility and reflexes in the old form of Thanagarian combat. Commander Byth makes an unexpected visit and tries to test Katar's skills in swordsmanship. Byth has subdued by Katar and Byth confides in Katar about the suspicions thath have been going around. Byth wants Katar to assist him since Captain Kragger is dead. Byth informs Katar of a meeting that will be going down between the arms supplier and the Downside rebels. Katar asks if there will be reinforcements in order to detain the culprits for questioning but Byth informs him that it will only be the two of them on this mission. Byth doesn't intend to take any prisoners because of the scandal this arms supplier could bring to the Wingmen Corps. Byth gives Katar until nightfall to decide on whether or not he will be in on the mission. Katar goes to see his father at the Ascolon Tower and bumps into Shayera. Shayera apologizes for her rash behavior on the hunting trip and with the waiter the other night. Katar admits that he too can sometimes be overzealous. Shayera and Katar embrace in a passionate kiss then Shayera asks Katar to accompany her back to her place. Katar was more anxious to be with Shayera than join Byth on this supposed crackdown on corruption. Just as Shayera was about to excuse herself with her father, a waiter walks up to their table and detonates and explosion. The suicide bomber killed three people at the Ascolon Tower including Shayera Thal. Administrator Thal reports his grief to the Central Authority Committee and demands immediae action on the Downside inhabitants.

In a fit of rage, Katar agrees to join Byth on his mission to apprehend the traitor who was responsible for arming the Downside rebels. Byth and Katar crash the meeting. Byth apprehends a manhawk which is a Thanagarian mutate while Katar goes after the arms supplier. Katar tells the supplier to surrender but the supplier keeps running. Katar retaliates by shooting the supplier. Katar removes the supplier's hood and discovers that its his father Paran. The gunshot wound that Paran sustained causes him to bleed out and die. Byth congratulates Katar on a clean kill and Katar attacks Byth. Katar realizes that Byth knew who the supplier was and he set up Katar to be his father's executioner. Katar flies to his father's home and discovers a transcript detailing his effort to aid the Downside inhabitants with food and medicine. Paran explains that his efforts have been subsided by an arms supplier who is fueling the Downsiders' hatred for the Thanagarians and their need for revenge. Paran decides that his last effort to aid the Downside is to come to an arrangement with the Manhawks. When the transcript ends, Byth and another wingman come barging in to apprehend Katar. Katar is dishonorably discharged for attacking a fellow officer and for the disgrace visited upon his family name because of his father's actions. Katar's wings were surgically removed then he was banished to the penal island of Chance while Byth is promoted in rank.

Katar has no way of escaping by air since there is an invisible defense net that surrounds the island and there is no chance by sea since the waters are infested with ravenous sharakus. Over time, Katar notices one of his fellow exiles gathering the feathers of large birds that live on the island. Katar figures that the exiles know a way to get pass the net. In act of desperation, Katar kills the exile who finished the makeshift wings he was crafting. Another exile approaches Katar and observes his violent deed. Katar demands that the exile tell him his strategy in escaping. The exile introduces himself as R'd Nar T'so and explains the reasoning behind his fallen brother. The exiles had no notion of escaping the island but R'd's brother wanted to make wings for Katar in order to restore his dignity. Katar fell to his knees with sorrow and began to sob. R'd shows Katar that both he and his dead brother are Wingors, ape like lifeforms with wing spans similar to Thanagarians.

Though grotesque in form, wingors were well known for their singing talent which could melt the coldest of hearts. Katar buried R'd's brother and became R'd's pupil. R'd daily prayers were a soothing melody to Katar who took up his training in the old forms of Thanagarian combat again. A decade had passed since Katar's exile. By that time, R'd had died and Katar's banishment was at an end. A shuttle came to the island and picked up Katar. Katar noticed the undisciplined manner of these new Wingmen who escorted him to the Downside. Katar's next round of punishment was condemning him to the Downside with the rest of the cast outs. Katar finds an abandoned building to take up residence and buys arms from a local Downside dealer. Katar intends to start a rebellion that will bring Byth to him.

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  • New Earth
  • Space
    • Thanagar
      • Science Academy (Mentioned only)
      • College of Law Enforcement (Mentioned only)
      • Downside
      • Ascolon Tower (In ruins)
      • Isle of Chance (Penal Island)
      • Kalmoran Statue


  • Tri-Holos


  • Thanagarian Gunship


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