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The Hayoth are a foursome superhero team who operate as a strike force for the Israeli military, the Mossad.


They first came into conflict with the Suicide Squad when Amanda Waller was contracted to deal with Kobra. Waller was hired by an Egyptian man named Nazair who claimed that even though Kobra was in Israel, he was a threat to Egypt's interests as well. After clashing with the Suicide Squad, the Hayoth ultimately realized they were on the same side and worked together to capture Kobra.[1][2][3]

The Hayoth later again clashed with the Suicide Squad when the Hayoth mistakenly believed they would be allowed to take Qurac's former President Marlo into custody. The Hayoth were detained by U.S. officials.[4][5][6] To bargain for their freedom, Dybbuk agreed to help Waller free Mindboggler from the confines of her "Ifrit" programming. (Mindboggler's mind had been used by the Quracis to create Ifrit.) Dybbuk was successful; in fact he and Mindboggler (now "Leah") were engaged to be married.[7]


  • Hayoth's members are named after the four holy beasts of Ezekiel and Revelation (angels with the face of either a lion, eagle, ox or man). "The Hayoth are borne along by the supernal power; and so were the movements of the tribes below who bore on their standards the likenesses of the Hayoth, that of Lion, Eagle, Ox, Man." (Ezek. I, 19)

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