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 The Headmen are the rulers of the world Garon, located in the Vega System.


The Headmen use their Cerebro-Ray to keep their subjects loyal to them. However, there was a woman named Onu Murtu who was immune to its control, and she attempted to secretly develop a way to cancel the effect of the Cerebro-Ray. They became suspicious, and when they were about to arrest her, Onu escaped to Earth to complete her work, where she adopted the identity of Dorine Clay. The Headmen followed her to Earth, but Green Lantern protected her, and they were forced to return to Garon.[1]

Back in Garon, Onu Murtu carried out a rebellion against the Headmen, but it was unsuccessful, and they kept their control over the people. Using their collective will, the Headmen managed to take control of Green Lantern's ring and abduct them. They planned to use him as their entry to the Citadel, showing they were capable of defeating one of their enemies. However, their execution was averted by the Omega Men who joined forced with Green Lantern and Dorine Clay to defeat the Headmen. After the battle, the Omega Men took the people of Garon with them, leaving the Headmen behind, defenseless against an invasion of Psions.[2]

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