Quote1 If only that big dope knew how I really felt about him! Quote2
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A member of a Coluan sect that broke away from mainstream Colu in pursuit of greater compassion and empathy, Heartiac first met Kal Kent when she transferred to Metropolis Multiversity, and the two became fast friends, with her following him to his Fortress of Solitude in tesseract space. There, she maintains the fortress and helps Kal juggle his many responsibilities as both the defender of Earth and a member of Justice Legion A, all while hoping that he will one day notice and return her affection. She also teaches compassion and forgiveness to aspiring superheroes at Metropolis Multiversity.


  • Twelfth-Level Compassionate: Heartiac is capable of sensing and comprehending the emotions of other sentient beings. She can use this talent to manipulate others, incapacitating villains with pure kindness.
  • Flight




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