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Heathcliff Ray was a student at Gotham Academy, while he spent his free time making mixtapes of bands in Burnside.

He had a crush on a fellow student, Pomeline Fritch, whose interest in the scene was more for the clothes.

When Pomeline wanted to start a ghost-finding club, Heathcliff volunteered, hoping to spark a connection. But the club, "the Order of the Bat", absorbed her time, and in the end Heathcliff wound up faking ghost-hunting results to gain Pomeline's attention.[1]

As a group of the students investigated the life of Millie Jane Cobblepot, Pomeline dissolved the Order of the Bat and joined a mystery-solver gang. Around the beginning of the tenure of "the G.C.P.D. Batman", Heathcliff left Gotham and went on the road as the tour manager/roadie for a band called Black Canary.[2][3]



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