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Quote1 I guess you could say it runs in the family. A shitty, twisted backstabbing family that will end with me.  Quote2
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Heather After is a descendant of Roderick Burgess, who eventually became a sorceress and apprenticed to John Constantine.


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Heather using Magic

Heather's grandfather was a man named Roderick Burgess, an abusive, megalomaniacal creep magician who imprisoned Dream of the Endless for fifty years. In his later years, Burgess had an affair with a woman named Ethel Cripps, Heather's great-grandmother. Cripps was pregnant with Heather's grandfather when she left Burgess for his apprentice, a man named Sykes. Eventually, Ethel walked out on Sykess too, and for leverage, she took a few valuable items, some of which have been passed down to Heather after Cripps' death.[3]

Meeting Todd

At some point, Heather met a man named Todd on a dating app, and soon they were texting each other all day. They finally met in person at a sports bar he go to, and some people were staring. She kept checking her phone, like she was planning her escape, and Todd realized she was afraid of him, so he asked her if she wanted to get out of there and have dinner somewhere nice, and she smiled a smile he never forget. They began dating and eventually they moved into an apartment where they live together.[4]

The Dreaming

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  • Protection Amulet[4]

  • Heather has a boyfriend named Todd,[5] and she has shown that she is attracted to female fairies as well.[6]
  • Clues are placed in some issues to let readers know that Heather is a trans woman: she uses the drugs estradiol, a female hormone, and finasteride, a male hormone blocker,[3][2] and Heather's boyfriend, Todd, almost fights with a bar bouncer who starts using a slur starting with "sh-" referring to her.[2]



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