Heather Strand is the daughter of the United States Senate member, Culler Strand.[1]

Heather was terrified of her father, and was convinced that he was trying to destroy the world, so she outed him as a cross dresser in a press conference during his presidential campaign. Tefé Holland saw the conference, and decided to rescue the girl, so she kidnapped her.

During her time with Tefé, Barnabas and Pilate show concern about the truth of Heather's claims. Nevertheless, Tefé believed in the girl, so they decided to kill the Senator.[2] On the day of the killing, Tefé was ambushed by different groups, and could not help Heather get close enough her father to kill him, and was trapped by the secret services agents of her dad. Later, she was drugged and interrogated by Madame Director, who forced her to confess that her claims against her father where a lie. She did not confess, and Madame Director removed her wig, revealing that she was her father, and threatened her to kill her if she did not confess her lies in a press conference, especially because nobody was trying to rescue her.[3]

Seeing that she had no one to rely on, Heather later did a press conference, retracting all of her statements.[4]



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