Quote1.png You're just as much of a failure as I was. And just as afraid. Well... I used to fight my fear. But now that I've tasted its true power... I'll never go back. Quote2.png
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Hector Hammond is Green Lantern's first enemy.

Originally, he was a high school professor who was close friends with Hal Jordan and Carol Ferris. However, he was contacted by the government to perform an autopsy on Abin Sur's corpse, causing Hammond to come into contact with a shard of Parallax's DNA, which mutated Hammond, giving him telekinesis but also enlarging his head. Eventually going insane, Hammond would come into conflict with Green Lantern.

Green Lantern

Hector was a science teacher at a high school. After the government found Abin Sur's corpse, Hector was met by government agents who took him to study Abin's physiology. During the autopsy, he removed some of Parallax's DNA and became infected with it. It drove him insane and gave him telepathic powers so he was able to read others' minds. He looked in the mirror that night and discovered his eyes had turned yellow due to to the effects of the DNA. The next day as Hector was teaching science class to some high school students, he read one of their minds and they called him a loser. Angry, he used his powers to throw the student. During the time he was teaching them, Parallax realized part of himself was on Earth and begins to head there.

Later Hector visited his father, Senator Robert Hammond, and talked to him but after reading his mind realized he was still a failure in his father's eyes and it was purely his father's influence that got Hector the alien autopsy. He attempted to kill Robert by telekinetically sabotaging his helicopter when Hal Jordan as Green Lantern, created a racetrack that leads the helicopter to safety.

Parallax's DNA mutated Hector further, making his eyes constantly yellow and his brain bigger, making his head bulge and become deformed. Amanda Waller brought Hector in to study him as his mutations progressed, he broke free and attempted to kill his father a second time. Green Lantern arrived and tried to stop him, but to no avail. Finally after subduing Green Lantern, Hector succeeded in killing his father by mentally throwing him into a balcony and using its mechanical arms to burn him. Later, he realized Parallax was on his way to Earth.

Hector kidnapped Carol and threatened to inject her with Parallax's DNA but she was saved by Hal Jordan after he tricked Hector into getting the Green Lantern ring only to see it could only be used by him. When Parallax arrived, he told Hector that he had failed him before absorbing Hector's soul, reducing him to a rotten corpse.


  • Telepathy: At first, Doctor Hammond could only hear the thoughts of others. He eventually became able to access the mnemonic data (memories) of others through physical contact.
  • Telekinesis: Hammond could move objects and people with his mind.


  • Genius Level Intellect: Doctor Hammond, as a xenobiologist, was tasked to do the initial assessment of Abin Sur's physiology.
  • Pedagogy: Before he turned to a life of crime, Hector was a high school science teacher.




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