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Heggra was made ruler of Apokolips when her son, Darkseid killed her husband, the ruler Yuga Khan.

She did not rule for long, as she had Darkseid's first love Suli killed, to replace her with Heggra's own choice for his mate: Tigra. This was the final impetus that Darkseid needed to hate and kill his own mother. Darkseid sent Granny to assassinate her.[1]

Heggra had studied the DNA of the New Gods and codified them in the Book of Bloodlines; which had lead to her choice of Tigra over Suli, and ultimately the birth of Darkseid and Tigra's son Orion. This book was passed on secretly to Granny Goodness in Heggra's dying moments as Granny throttled her; and she pleaded with Granny to use the information within.[2]




Book of Bloodlines



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